Monday, July 18, 2011

OPI "Crown Me Already!" (A.K.A. erryday im sparklin)

So… I know that I have said a billion times how much I hate silver. And… this isn’t everyone’s favorite polish, BUT. BUT. BUTTTTTTTTTTT this polish and I are having a secret love affair. Please don’t tell Zoya “Kelly” about my little tryst. This polish has half a billion different sizes of glitter in it, with these big circle ones, and smaller ones, and rather than looking disjointed, it looks amazing, and SO SPARKLY and SO SHINY and just breathtaking. Literally every time I look at my nails it changes my life a little bit. Basically, this polish made me turn away from my silver hatin’ ways. Here are the pictures! And oh yeah, before you ask? It was a rhymes with witch to remove.

have a wonderful monday!