Friday, April 22, 2011

China Glaze "Good Witch?" (A.K.A. some like it weird)

So this is basically my new favorite nail polish. There is absolutely nothing classy about it, nothing refined, but it is fun, and fairy-tale, and multi-dimensional, and pretty, and has the magical property of being a polish that I would HATE on paper!
This is “Good Witch?” by China Glaze. It is a pale pink frosty foily metallic base with tiny darker pink square glitter mixed in. It is crazy fun to apply, it’s one of those polishes (which I love) that no matter how many coats you put on (I used 3-4 depending on the nail, because I’m picky about opacity) still feels light and flat on your nail. Smooth, however, it is not. Even with a coat of Seche this still felt gritty. Also on the negative side, although it didn’t bother me I can see people being bothered by the glitter, since not all of the particles come through, leaving some to just be frosty foily metallic pink bumps. And the removal sucks a little, but not as much as a glitter. All in all, this polish is a big big win for me! Here are the pictures!

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