Thursday, April 7, 2011

Zoya "Gemma" (A.K.A. a sea of subdued mermaids)

Good Morning I know that there has already been a ridiculous amount of hype about this polish, and I am , as usual, late to the party, but I feel the need to gush a little.
But first, a disclaimer: I HATE THE FORMULA. I like to do think coats of polish, because I am clumsy and impatient, and that makes it so that there is a huge possibility that I will mess them up early on if they are not dry. But Gemma wouldn’t let me do that. It’s sort of runny and gloopy for me. I did not appreciate it one bit. I’ve heard other bloggers gush about it, but not me ☹
On the other hand, although my terrible pictures below fail to really capture it, this polish is like diving into a lagoon of subdued mermaids. It’s a beautiful dusty olive green color. Whenever I look at the bottle it surprises me, because it’s a very hard color to conceptualize. It’s sort of pastel, but sort of dusty, sort of drab, but with this beautiful pale electric blue shimmer poppin’ up at strange moments. It’s extremely multidimensional, and I love it.

Here are the pictures! Enjoy:

Love, Frida

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