Thursday, April 21, 2011


So, i know i already posted today, but i just got new finger paints!!!
I got all of these from Transdesign, except for American Apparel "Peacock" which my favorite roomie EVER gave me :)
Here's the pic of the whole haul:
That is... (from left to right)
China Glaze "Peachy Keen"
China Glaze "Something Sweet"
China Glaze "Good Witch?"
China Glaze "Light as Air"
American Apparel "Peacock"
Misa "Fountain of Youth"
i will have swatches soon!
And since i've had some pale pink controversy in my life before, here is a picture comparing just the bottle color of CND "Tutu," China Glaze "Something Sweet" and Color Club "Vintage Couture." "Something sweet" is more greyish/lilacy than either of them, which is nice. "Tutu" is a jelly which makes it differnt from the very flat "Vintage Couture." They actually look a lot less dupe-y in this picture than they are IRL.


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