Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects "Girl Flower" (A.K.A not a sticker, really, i swear.)

First of all, I feel the need to apologize again for what a terrible blogger I’ve been, I’ve been very very neglectful. But I do have an excuse! I have had my computer back for the past 20 hours for the first time in more than a month. And it’s completely blank now, all I have left are the pictures that were left on my camera. So here’s the first set of those, from when I went home with my amazing boyfriend.
When on a trip with a significant other, at least for me, there really isn’t time to do my nails, so I figured that I would try out these sticker-like things everyone had been talking about. They were surprisingly easy to apply, the only problem I got was on one of my thumbs, and it was my first finger, so that’s to be expected. And it was completely unnoticeable to anyone but me, so the point is moot anyways! They were a really weird consistency, which is what makes me so adamant that they are not what we think of as nail stickers. They really are just partially dried nail polish, which you stick to your finger. Once you put on a topcoat it’s not likely to peel off like a sticker, but also not likely to chip like a polish. It was amazing.
I chose the “Girl Flower” not-sticker because, well, I love flowers. That’s that. I’m crazy about them. And I thought that there was no better place to photograph these flowers than in my favorite park in my hometown, hanging out on a sunny day with my love.
These pictures are after 4 days of wear.

there you go, lovelies. I promise to be more diligent than I ever was to make up for the forced hiatus. have a beautiful day,

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