Saturday, April 23, 2011

China Glaze "Light as Air" (A.K.A. lilac drops keep fallin' on ma head...)

In case my readers have not noticed, I went on a spring/summer colors spree! This is the third to last in that spree, China Glaze “Light as Air.” It makes me think of clouds made of lilac. They would rain lilac petals and balls of lavender cotton candy (maybe it sounds weird, but it’s delicious. Comes with living in a hippie organic city.) It’s a little bit hard to apply, as in ridonculously streaky, but it ends up just fine! This is three thin coats and one thicker one.
The pictures look a little bit odd, with each nail looking slightly different, but that is actually how it is sort of. Each nail looks like what it looks like in a different light. It’s not particularly multi-dimensional, but it absolutely is touchy with what color it is. Sometimes it’s periwinkle, sometimes it’s lavender… its always WONDERFUL!

Love, and happy weekend,

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