Sunday, June 26, 2011

Orly "Goth" (A.K.A. first sour, then sweet!)

Orly “Goth” was at first glance one of the most disappointing polishes I’d ever bought. It was murky, and BUMPY! OH MY LORD SO BUMPY! And the glitter isn’t very glittery at all, and it made me sad. There are two types of glitter in this polish, large-ish round silver dots, and tiny square silver bits. On closer examination (which was given to me because I had to rush out of the house and didn’t have time to remove it immediately, which is what I wanted to do.) I learned to love it a little.
-It doesn’t sparkle in the sun
-it’s obviously bumpy, even with seche
-its so black
but… its oddly pretty. And unique. And I sorta like it. Here are the pictures!



  1. It's such a strangely pretty color. My bottle isn't very bumpy at all, I like it more now than when I first bought it :)

  2. its growing on me, i did a really goot tape mani with it, which put it in my good graces, lol