Monday, June 20, 2011

Orly "Retro Red" (A.K.A. little red corvette)

I love this nail polish! It’s Orly “Retro Red.” Sorry I didn’t show it to you guys in its natural form (matte-ish) where it looks like an amazingly beautiful inside of a 1950’s corvette. It’s so amazingly pretty and retro and slightly washed out. Washed out in a good way. It definitely has orangey undertones, but so pretty.
The polka dots are Orly “Pure Porcelain” so pretty. This is getting to be my new favorite nail polish. It’s understated, but not quiet. Its such a pretty color, and these two together make me feel like Minnie Mouse. I’m SORTA IN LOVE WITH IT!
Well, happy polka dots! Here are the pictures:



  1. Really cute!!!
    Does Retro Red make your nails a bit yellow?

  2. not at all! but some polish i used recently turned my nails neon grellow