Monday, June 13, 2011

Orly "Space Cadet" (A.K.A. tacky, tacky, love.)

Happy Monday all! I have the early shift at work this week, so I have to be a mile from my house at seven thirty every morning. But, that means I get out at four thirty at night, which is nice. This manicure is from while I was still at school, since my camera cord is lost somewhere in my absurdly cluttered room. I did this manicure for a night out, without realizing that I’m not the biggest fan of darker colors, even if they are magical darker colors, at night.
This is Orly “Space Cadet” with Color Club “Vintage Couture” stamped on top of it. I think that it looks like something that Katy Perry would wear on her nails (even though I really don’t like her.) normally when I wear “Space Cadet,” with its flashes of purple and green and its olivey base I feel like Ke$ha on a good day. Which I like. But this manicure went to a different place because of the Hello Kitty stamp. I’m pretty sure that I took this one off as soon as I photographed it, because I need my nails to really sparkle at night or I’ll fall asleep. Literally. I’m not even sort of a night person.

On that note, here are the pictures!

I just ordered a BUNCH of polish off of transdesign, and although I shed a tear every time I see the missing OPI tab, I feel like their Orly prices have gone down dramatically, so I bought like a billion Orly’s. for 3.75. I am a happy panda.
See you tomorrow!

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  1. I remember this manicure! Gah. I miss you and our Friday nigh nail painting.