Wednesday, February 9, 2011

China Glaze "Recycle" (A.K.A. dont-gotta-think-gray)

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“Recycle” is one of my favorite grays in my collection. It is a great everyday gray, darker than most medium gray’s I’ve come across. It is definitely a neutral gray, not really leaning in any particular direction. But it lives up to the slightly industrial name of “Recycle.” It reminds me of the color of a trash bin, or a building. Sort of like light asphalt.
I really do love this color, I’m sorry if I can’t make anything sound positive this morning. I woke up angry at all the people who had wronged me in my dreams last night. Does that ever happen to you, readers? It’s weird, because you know that they didn’t do anything to you, but you can’t help feeling like they killed your puppy. (Or whatever else the dream was about)
Well, that’s about it, this is a pretty simple nail polish. It’s just GRAY, all the WAY.
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Once I get to 20 followers I’ll have a giveaway! And so on and so forth! And I don’t want to give it away, but it’s a very beautiful polish, that I’ve RAVED about in the past.
On to the pictures!

love, Frida

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