Tuesday, February 8, 2011

OPI "Cuckoo For This Color" (A.K.A. why do i like you?)

Sorry I’ve been gone for so long, I’ve had a really busy life recently, lots of topsy-turvy-ing (including SEVEN HOURS of math homework) but I’m back!
And I’m back with a much loved color that by all accountsI should hate. Because I hate shimmer. And I hate teal. And I hate shimmer. Did I already say that? A shimmer has to be ridiculously special for me to like it.
And this really isn’t that special.
But for some reason, I sorta like it.
Onto the color, “Cuckoo For This Color” is a dark green leaning teal base chock full of light blue leaning teal shimmer and the occasional gold or silver speck. The formula isn’t exactly my cup of tea, in fact it’s sorta goopy and sad, but the color is enchanting, oddly.
Here are them pretty pictures!
I also just went on a huge nail polish shopping binge, so I will be updating with a haul post, and lots of Anchors away and Texas fun!

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