Monday, February 28, 2011


Hi! so i'm about to spam you with some largely huge amounts of crackle!
here goes!

that's my NOTD, China Glaze "Bermuda Breakaway" with "Lightning Bolt" on top, then mattified.

Sorry for only one picture, btu i was rushed and they're all blurry! But this is "Black Mesh" over Orly's "It's Not Rocket Science." I thought that this manicure looked like something Voldemort would wear.

This is Zoya "Ivanka" with "Lighting Bolt" on top of it! in case you couldn't tell, I LOVE LIGHTNING BOLT! Sparkles underneath crackles look so cool!

So... this manicure failed a little bit, because after a while the crackles get a little chunky. This was the product of not being prepared for that chunk. But this is Color Club "Vintage Couture" with a layer of OPI "Bring On The Bling" on top, then "Lightning Bolt" on top.

Lastly, there were two manicures aimed at the same thing, one failing miserably and the other succeeding marvelously.

This is my first attempt at a tacky 80's manicure. It achieved tacky, but i was looking for PRETTY tacky, not really really ugly. This is Sinful Colors "Let's Meet" wich is a weird and gross sheer yellow shimmer. On top I put "Crushed Candy" another one of my favorites.

This was a successful one! It's Milani "Pink Hottie" with "Crushed Candy" on top. I love it so much.

These are all my crackles! except for "Cracked Concrete" which was on my last post, and i figured it would be redundant to repeat.

Happy Monday,

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  1. Gorgeous! I've totally been digging the crackle look lately, so these are totally up my alley right now!