Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Color Club "Gossip Column" (A.K.A electric blue patent leather pumps)

This is a beautiful color. I want to say it's the perfect blue, but I haven't had enough experience with blues to make that distinction quite yet. It’s a Royal but bright blue, clear and strong while not overpowering everything. I wouldn’t say that it’s dusty or dark, but it is slightly subdued. I don’t think that I could wear a blue that was too strong, I would feel like there were little oceans on my nails. Rather, I felt like I had a blue patent leather pump on each of my fingers. Classy, right? I’m pretty sure that it’s from the Rebel Debutante collection, and that really fits it perfectly. As does “Gossip Columnist” I felt like a rebellious gossip columnist while I was wearing it. Here are the pictures!

I didn’t want to take it off quite yet, so I put “Solar Flare” by China Glaze on top of it. I got SO MANY compliments on this manicure! It made it feel like the weekend, even though it was a Tuesday.



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