Wednesday, January 26, 2011

OPI "Bring On The Bling"

This... nail polish? I feel like the pure passion encased in this little bottle defies the narrow definition of polish for nails... it's polish for LIFE.

Just a wee bit dramatic (but not overdramatic, because this glitter deserves all the drama it gets). It's a whole buttload of gold glitter in a clear base. Theres also green and red glitter in there. Here's a technical photo (3 coats)

the beautiful thing about this polish is that unlike most glitter polishes, it is SO full of glitter that it does not have to get bulbous and bumpy on the nail. It finishes and wears like a normal nail polish (but sure doesn't look like one!).

Pretty Pretty Pictures!

i love it basically.

The only problem i've had is that sometimes THE WHOLE NAIL will just pop off. It's bizzare.



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