Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Zoya- "Shawn" (a.k.a. the green queen)

Sorry I’ve been absent for a while, I was waiting for TEN hours in the Las Vegas airport, when I should have ha to wait at most 30 minutes. And since then I’ve been recovering. It was terrible, by the way. To break me out of my slump, here is one of my favorite nail polishes ever. I consider her to be the queen of green crèmes. I think that I can at least partially testify to this seeing as I have fairly considerable collection of green crèmes. This is she… Zoya “Shawn” A beautiful, slightly (not to the baby puke level at all, just to a some energy) yellow slightly dusty medium green. It reminds me of the color of this type of plant that is in Golden Gate Park near some pond that I used to visit with my parents. This nail polish is definitely classy but in no way subdue. It shines with a refinement and passion that must be experienced. This is one of the only two polishes of which I have backup bottle (though I may need another one soon, as Charla may join the ranks of Shawn and Kelly) Here are the beauties!


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